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Design Concept

The Glass House @ The Lakes by Yoo in Lechlade is a unique home with a 100% glass fa├žade. The house is sitting in the lake distinguishing it from any other house on the estate, and most likely also from any other house in the UK. An amazing example of luxurious “outside in living” , the architecture is geared to evoke the feeling of living outdoors in almost every corner of the property.

The contemporary home immerses the outside views and nature surrounding the property into the inside, creating a strong and seamless relationship between the house and the landscape. Open-plan living offers views of the lake, trees, sky and nature from every corner of the house, giving guests a very real sense of living outside on the lake yet sheltered in the comfort of their luxurious, chic home. Every room boasts two glass walls, allowing the light to flow freely throughout the property. The rooms feature high ceilings (each a minimum of 6 meters across and 2.8 TO 3.5 meters high) maximising the views, light and sun as well as giving scale and volume to the interior. Nonetheless, the house retains privacy and tranquility being surrounded by a thick tree line and the lake on the other side.

The ECO credentials of the house are impressive. As an example the exterior wood was treated with the ancient Japanese art of burning timber (Sugi Ban) to provide a beautiful long lasting finish, effective fire resistance as well as a technique that is natural and free from chemical preservatives, paints and retardants. In addition, the energy consumption of the house is very low, using a variety of green technologies including air thermal heat pump, solar panels, heat recovery systems and triple glazed glass.

Designed by Mecanoo (a leading Dutch based architectural design firm), the architecture of the house has managed to perfectly harmonize landscape and interior, architecture and nature particularly in terms of views, colours and lighting. The interior combination of materials is earthy and transparent with glass, dark wood, dark metal and bright white walls, ceilings and doors ensuring that the only really important canvas is Mother Nature. The exterior of the house is designed to disappear/minimally interfere into/with the landscape with the trees, lake and sky reflecting on the glass facades. The interior walls and ceilings are a stark white and unassuming to focus gaze and attention on the outside and the natural panorama the area provides.

Nature plays an important role as the house provides sitting vistas (courtesy of the huge glass frames) of the nature that is present outside; from the flock of migrating birds in the high sky at the end of the summer or the take off and landing flight path of swans moving from one lake to another or of leaping fishes out from the lake, to the changing seasons during the year, the hews of autumn leaves or the rising / setting of the moon glimmering on the lake and the sun rises and sunsets.